Stephan Breuer art practice takes us on a fascinating voyage within some of the most iconic monuments. Aiming at the Sublime in the digital age he is always at the forefront of technology by seamlessly integrating it as poetic gestures.

Currently exploring the symbolic relevance of « icons », both in their art and digital understandings, Stephan Breuer has been developing series of infra-thin gold artefacts, reducing their physical footprint to the minimum, thus mirroring their inception into the virtual cloud. A forward thinking approach which enabled one of his icons, the digitization of an angel by Rembrandt, to become in 2021 the first NFC chip authenticated artwork to be archived by the Louvre Museum.

In a moment where the past, the present and the future are a deeply intertwined structure, Stephan Breuer invites us to consider our history through the prism of « Atemporality ».

Notable presentations include a performance work commissioned by Artcurial, Paris, in 2011, solo exhibitions at the Imperial of palace of Compiegne, France, in 2013 and the Franco-American Museum of Blérancourt, France, in 2017, digital projects produced in relation with the Jardin du Palais Royal, Paris, in 2018 and the Museo Nazionale Romano, Roma, in 2022, and the Giza Plateau in 2023.