> Stephan Breuer, born in Nice France,1975, is a Paris-based conceptual & interdisciplinary artist.

Breuer’s process is purely digital.

Technology is a way to project his mind and dematerialize the creative process in order to reach the lightest and most immaterial visual language possible.

Stephan Breuer has created projects in relations with some of the most important monuments in France as architecture is a way for him to develop new mental spaces. Always seeking out the links between the past, present and future he wishes to create a hyper fluid dialogue with the viewer that makes him question the notions of atemporality and the sublime.

Using Keynote as his only software he has been limiting himself to using the most basic visual language such as line, pure geometrical shapes that translates into light as his central medium.

The Metaverse is a natural extension of Breuer’s futuristic vision to create virtual architectures and explore the unlimited potential of the NFT’s on the blockchain. Stephan Breuer’s Looking for Paradise is the first artwork authentified by an NFC chip to be archived by the Louvre Museum. He has digitized a Rembrandt painting The Archangel Raphaël Leaving Tobias' Family, 1637, Louvre, part of the collection of Louis XV.
Breuer's first NFT sold in 2022 at an auction that coincided with a historical premier in France. His piece titled, Etērnål Pøng, 2018 is a Renaissance Tabernacle framing a Pong Game, was auctioned at 10 920 €